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Can Dogs Be Jealous?

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Great little piece on jealousy in dogscourtesy of our friends at do you think: can dogs experience jealousy? Check the article out

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  1. I would just like to leave a coment on the article about wether dogs become jealous.
    I have a 3 year old staffordshire bull terrier which I rescueday as a puppy.
    A year ago I rescued a kitten and I have never seen a dogs become so jealous in all my years off owning dogs.
    I was wondering if its a breed thing or wether its just and insecurity thing with my dogs, has anyone any suggestions as to help with this strange problem.
    He’s not at all agressive to the cat but I worry that its may be having a negative affect on him.
    Any sugestions welcome.
    I love them both from the bottom off my heart.
    Concerned animal lover.

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