First Aid For Dogs

Puppy Personality Test

A puppy personality test enables you to conduct some (very) unscientific research prior to choosing your puppy. We’ve got four ...
Feeding Older Dogs

Keep Your Pets Safe at Christmas

Christmas is a fabulous time for us humans, but it is fraught with hazards for our pets! Some pets of a rather more nervous disposition ...

Diabetes & Your Dog

If you have a dog that suddenly develops a higher than normal thirst level or urination, it’s important to keep a close eye for ...
dog lying down

27 Amazing Dog Training Tips to Remember

All of us dog owners can identify with that moment where our dog does something that, frankly, we really wish they wouldn’t. ...
Safe to let dog lick face

Dog Spaying & Neutering: A Guide

Spaying and neutering is a constant hot topic in the canine world. Welfare charities insist that it is the holy grail of population ...
Dog handshake

Socialising Your New Dog

Below are some helpful tips on how to socialise your new dog with existing pets in the household, with your friends, and with other ...
dog panting

Why is My Dog Panting?

Why Do Dog’s Pant? Unlike horses and indeed us humans, dogs do not sweat through the skin; they sweat through the tongue and ...
Avoid dog health problems

How to Avoid Dog Health Problems

We all love our dogs and want to do the best for them. You can give them all the love, attention and affection in the world but you ...
dog adoption

How Often Should I Train My Dog?

Positive dog training can happen any time, all the time. You don’t need to get your dog ready in special training equipment. ...
Dogs that Chase Cars

Car Chasing Dogs – How to Cure Car Your Car Chasing Dog

Dogs that chase cars endanger their own lives and those of motorists. As bad dog behaviour goes, car chasing dogs are just about at ...

Hyperkinesis in Dogs – What is it & Why Should You Care?

Hyperkinesis in dogs is rare. If you have a dog that appears to acting in what is common called a hyper-active way, the chances are ...
dog illness

Dog Illness Symptoms Checker

When our dogs start showing signs of illness, our immediate thoughts tend to guide us toward whatever resource we can access that might ...