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Dogs that chase cars endanger their own lives and those of motorists. As bad dog behaviour goes, car chasing dogs are just about at the top of the dangerous league. So, for owners of dogs that chase cars – how can they be cured?

In the Italian Job the car chase was thrilling to watch and goes down in cinematic history as one of the most famous scenes ever to appear on the silver screen.

Dogs that Chase Cars

Whilst our dogs can’t be accused of being influenced by the movies they see, some of them seem far too keen to experience the thrill of the car chase.

Dog’s have an in-built instinct to chase things that move. They are predatory animals who have never lost their desire to give chase whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Dogs all have their favourite quarry, for some it’s squirrels, cats, rats, ducks, pigeons, other dogs or basically any furred or feathered creature capable of movement. The behaviour can be overcome fairly easily but in many cases this chasing habit is not regarded as a particularly big deal by the dog’s owner as the chases usually take place in the garden or countryside and more often than not ends in no success for the dog leaving no lasting damage to hunter or hunted. The same can’t be said of a dog with a desire to pursue cars as their quarry of choice and action to remedy the problem is essential.

Some time ago it was decided that in countries where rattlesnakes or porcupines were resident it would make sense to ‘educate’ the dogs that shared the same environment that these animals posed a clear and present danger BEFORE an accident happened.

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