The Link Between Dog Food & Bad Behavior

For many dog owners struggling with their dog’s behavior, one of the last places they investigate when trying to solve the problem is their dog’s food.

The link between how dog’s behave and the food they eat is exceptionally close.

In fact, the exact same is true of us.

Think about it this way; if you were eating a diet fit for a high level athlete but lead a lifestyle that saw you confined to an office for 12 hours per day, you’d certainly find yourself feeling edgy, energetic and probably very frustrated.

A key tip when trying to match your dog’s food and nutrition to their particular lifestyle is to learn to understand pet food labels. Knowing exactly what goes in to your dog’s food in terms of protein levels, fat levels and the general volume of calories per serving will open your eyes to whether your dog might be on a diet that is incompatible with their breed, age or specific lifestyle.

Undesirable dog behavior doesn’t start and end with dog food but it is, without doubt, a huge contributory factor.

“It is a simple fact that what you put into your dog is reflected in how they look, act and feel. Getting the right balance of nutrients is not entirely simple and depends on a seemingly endless amount of variables such as breed, activity level, age and medical condition. As a responsible dog owner, you owe it to your pet to ensure their diet is perfectly matched to their lifestyle, age and activity level. Many dog owners simply select a food and stick with it, never trying anything different and refusing to change even as the dog”s lifestyle changes.”

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