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The Importance of Pet Insurance

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We all care for our pets and want the best for them, but what happens when they become sick or injured?

We have all been in that situation of facing an extremely expensive bill from the vet but frankly not all of us can afford to pay it.Following the economic crisis, many more people are facing a situation where they simply can not afford to pay these expensive and unexpected vet bills. This has resulted in a 57{d4f4ff813a06e2c77cbb9c6effe011ebffe2f8986e44983e90e08c54deb62f63} increase in the number of pets being abandoned by their owners. It may seem unthinkable to have to give up the pet you love, but many people simply don’t have any option because they haven’t got pet insurance.

Isn’t pet insurance expensive though?

According to, pet insurance is actually far cheaper than you would image, being as cheap as $14.20 per year to insure a nine year old crossbreed. When you consider that many people this writer has spoken to have faced vet bills up to $6,200, this price doesn’t seem too bad.

What should I look out for?

We now know how much money you can save through pet insurance, but sometimes a policy can be too good to be true. The following is a list of the main questions you should ask before agreeing to a policy:

• Are vet treatments covered?

– Not all insures will cover you even though this is the most common reason for a claim. However, most insurers will cover you for up to $6,220.

• How high is the excess?

Some insurers will make their policy cheaper if you agree to pay more in the event of a claim, but this can backfire if
you actually do need to make a claim. Common excesses tend to be $60-$70.

• Are you providing third party cover?

– Some pet insurers may not offer third party cover. This would mean that if your pet were to cause damage to someone else’s property, the insurance policy would not cover claims made against you.


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In conclusion, pet insurance is vital so that you can ensure that your pet is covered should it be injured or become ill. If more pet owners had pet insurance, it is likely that far fewer animals would be abandoned and if you can’t afford the insurance, you should take responsibility of the animal. However, you need to ask the right questions before agreeing to insurance policies to make sure that you still aren’t forced into a situation of abandoning your pet. Sometimes a policy can be too good to be true, so watch out!

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