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The dog’s habit of sticking the head out of car windows

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Dog owners would know that a dog can die if left in a car with closed windows when the weather is hot. But did you know that allowing these pets to stick their heads out of car windows is dangerous as well. Dogs are wonderful pets and dog owners would always want to have the pet around.

It is not uncommon to see a dog’s head sticking out of trendy tote bags. Attention grabbing dogs in their designer clothes and jeweled collars are paraded by proud dog owners. Dogs are taken everywhere by their owners thus dogs in cars would hardly be noticed but a dog’s head sticking out of car windows will certainly attract attention more so if the dog is wearing goggles.

Man’s best friends are very curious animals. Being a dog owner you surely have noticed that your pet would love to run without the restrictions of a leash as in that way it can have the freedom to investigate any interesting movements and sounds. Naturally, your pet’s movements will be restricted if it is in a moving car but the dog will not be prevented from enjoying the passing scenery, the interesting sounds and smell as the pet would simply stick its head out of the car’s window. By sticking the head out of the car window, the dog can smell the mouth watering aroma of McDonald burgers being grilled a couple of miles away.

Dogs love to feel the cool breeze in their faces and sticking the head out of car windows is akin to running unrestricted by a leash. Because of the very few sweat glands, dogs can’t cool the body easily. Simply by lolling the tongue and sticking the head out of the car, the pet can cool its body.

A dog wearing goggles and sticking the head out of the car window will attract attention. The owner of the handsome dog will be admired as well. However, allowing the pet to stick its head out of car windows is dangerous. The dog can be injured by the shower of stones and dirt kicked up by the cars wheels. The dog may be well trained and accustomed to sitting serenely inside the car but the honking of another car can startle the dog and cause it to jump out of the window. You want to take the pet with you but you have to make sure that the pet is safe. Teach the dog to wear doggie goggles and to use seat belts.

Still wonder why dogs stick their heads out of car windows? Find out more about this and first aid for dogs at Sarah’s Dogs.

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