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Should You Choose One of the Top Dog Names For Your Dog?

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One of the most important things on any new dog owner’s list is to pick the perfect name for their new dog. Unfortunately, this could seem a lot easier said than done because there are just so many doggone good dog names to choose from!   The sky is literally the limit (and, incidentally, “Sky” makes a great dog name too)!

If you find yourself scratching your head, trying to find the right name for your new pooch, you may want to find out what other pet owners are calling their canines. Even if you don’t like these popular top dog names, it’s at least a good place to start.

So how does one go about looking for the most popular dog names?  Well, websites like have databases with hundreds of thousands of registered canines.  Since all these animals have names, Petfinder was able to create a list of the most common dog names in America. So, are you curious to know what they are?  Drum roll please…

For male dog names, the top 5 most popular choices were Max, Buddy, Jack, Charlie and Rocky.  For female dog names, Molly, Bella, Lucy, Sadie and Daisy came out tops.

Of course, similar to baby names, the popularity of these top dog names changes annually.  What seems to be in vogue is that more and more dog owners are giving their pooches human names rather than typical dog names like Spot, Fido and Rover. 

As you go on to choose the perfect name for your new pooch, let yourself be as creative or conventional as you like.  If you’re not phased by your dog being the sixth “Max” in your neighborhood, you may want to pick one of the current most popular dog names. Alternatively, you may like a name that’s more unique or exotic.  Whatever you do, just remember that you’re going to be calling your dog’s name out dozens of times each day so it’s important that you like it and that it’s easy to say.  Good luck!

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