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Reasons Why Dogs Eat Their Own Sick

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Dogs are noted for their hearty appetites. Dog owners have seen how the dog eats things that are repulsive to humans. Dogs would not pass up the chance to feast on the contents of the trash can in spite of the fact that they are regularly provided nutritious food. Dogs also have the disconcerting habit of eating their own and other dog’s poop. Dogs have the disgusting habit of drinking from toilet bowls. Humans most loved pets have the unaccountable predilection for vomit as well.

Dogs have been the most loyal companions of man. It is quite surprising therefore that in spite of the long years of association, some behaviors shown by the dog cannot be understood by man. Humans consider spoiled food, feces and vomit as gross but dogs would consider these items as gourmet food.

Studies conducted on canine behavior have failed to come up with the exact reason for the dog’s repulsive eating habits. It was speculated that eating vomit is an ingrained habit that was passed on to present day dogs by their ancestors. This habit is done for the purpose of concealment. Dogs in the wild have to hide from their predators thus feces and vomitus which are dead giveaway of the dog’s presence are eaten. In this case the habit to eat feces and vomit is done for self preservation.

Wolves are the ancestors of modern day dogs. It is the custom of wolves to hunt together and to help in caring for the pups. After feeding on the hunted animal, dogs would return to the den and regurgitate the eaten food to feed the young. For a dog vomit is regurgitated food. Even after domestication, this habit would still kick in from time to time.

Dogs, as mentioned are voracious eaters. Dogs would find the smell of the partially digested food in the vomit very appetizing. Dogs eat repulsive smelling rotten food thus it is more understandable if they devour the still warm vomit.

Eating vomit is not really a dangerous habit of the dog. As long is the vomit does not have toxic substances, it would not really harm the dog. An owner may not be too concerned with the disgusting habit of the pet. Dogs are very affectionate pets thus a dog parent that receives sloppy kisses from the pet may want to prevent the dog from eating vomit. Stopping the dog from vomiting can be a challenge given the indiscriminate eating habit of the pet but an owner can prevent the pet from eating the vomit by cleaning the mess as soon as it is created by the dog.

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