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Proper Dog Food Is The Key To A Healthy Pet

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Your diet plays a critical role in determining your total health. The same is the case with your pet. So , it only appears reasonable if you pay rather more attention while choosing dog food for your pet. These are some straightforward tips and proposals that will help you select the right dog food for your pet.

Checking the ingredient list is the first step in selecting the right dog food. Before you purchase any dog food, ensure that you go through the list of ingredients fastidiously. Check if the product includes any ingredients that would be harmful for your dog’s health. Also, if the product includes meat spinoff, chicken derivative, birds derivative meat and bone meal in the first 5 ingredients, then you need to desist from the product.

Besides ingredients ; another thing to be observed out for is the nutritional value of dog food. It’s essential the product must have adequate quantity of all the essenatial nutrients. In addition to checking the nutritional value; it is suggested that you should always check the share of calories as present in a dog food. If a specific dog food is noted to be running high on the calorie content; it’s better to refrain from buying such dog food.

The dog food needs to be better to the nutritive duty of your dog. This criterion of selection is imperative because different races of dogs have sundry requirements of nourishment. It’s been noted the smaller dogs are more in need of carbohydrates. On the other hand the dogs which are huge in size need more of minerals and vitamins quantity. So first update yourself about the nutritive wants of you dogs. Only then purchase a dog food which is able to meet the required nutritional requirement.

Another important thing in this context is additives. Nearly always dog food which is ready to be loaded in preservatives which may not be good for your pet’s health. While choosing dog food; keep a watch on the preservatives as be loaded in a particular food product. Some of the preservatives that may prove detrimental to the fitness of your pet are BHA, ethoxyquin and BHT. These the chemicals as present in a selected food have the potentiality of triggering in a condition of cancer in the canines. You should generally go in for dog foods which have preservatives in the shape of Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

Look for APHIS paperwork. Dog foods that are warranted by APHIS are a safer bet than the ones that come without certification. APHIS authorized dog foods make use of human grade ingredients. So, with these foods, you can be absolutely guaranteed that they won’t harm your dog. Besides, you may also consult your pet about the food brands that would work fine for your pet.

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Choosing dog food with extra care and caution is essential. While the wrong dog food could deter the general fitness of your child, the right food can play a big role in keeping your pet healthy. So, watch out when selecting dog food.

  1. Interestingly enough I have some friends whose dogs were gaining weight rapidly and they asked if I could take a look at them.

    They had decided to switch their dog’s diet from the supermarket dried pet food to scraps. The reason for this was they had decided that they didn’t want to give their dogs supermarket dog food as they couldn’t be sure what was in it. It seemed quite a logical step.

    The food they were giving their dog was all good quality and they weren’t being excessive in the amount of food, so they couldn’t work out why the dog was gaining weight.

    The answer, quite surprisingly lay in one of these popular diets – the low GI diet.

    The dogs were getting given a lot of refined grains: white bread, rice that sort of thing – which was instantly being turned into sugar. As they were house dogs, they didn’t get enough exercise to burn off these extra calories and so quickly gained weight.

    We’ve since changed the diet to be more vegetable based and their weights have dropped dramatically.

    Diet is everything with dogs.

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