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Orthopedic Dog Beds Can Help Arthritis Pain

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Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of going to sleep in a crappy bed, then get up the next day hurting all over your body?  If you haven’t, your lucky.  If you have, you already know that it is no fun.  If your animal was able to speak, what would they have to say about their bed? I’m guessing it would depend on whether he has an old pillow placed in a box like our dog had when we were kids, or if he has a comfortable, supporting bed like DogPedic beds for dogs.

Often times it is thought that because they are dogs, or because they’re tiny and don’t weigh much, there is no need for a orthopedic dog bed.  People with large dogs may give it more thought, but even then will find something around the house that is suitable.

Here’s the thing, Hip dysplasia, which is an abnormal formation of the hip socket, is most common in dogs.  It is one of the most researched problems in dogs because it is the leading cause of arthritis in dogs, causing a lot of pain and discomfort.  Specific breeds and large dogs are more apt to get it.

Knowing this, selecting a bed for your dog needs to be given some thought and consideration.  If your dog is young, a Dog Pedic bed will lend support to their joints right from the get go.  For dogs that are aged and may already be experiencing some joint pain, having a bed that conforms to their body relieves pressure from the joints allowing for a good night’s sleep.  Beds for dogs falling into this category are oftentimes referred to as orthopedic dog beds.

Memory foam beds for dogs have become well-known today for us just as much as for pets, as they mold themselves to your body to provide complete support, relieving any pressure points.  This is the same when the foam is used in creating beds for dogs.  The Dog Pedic model will support dogs weighing up to as much as 150 pounds.

One other thing you may want to think about besides the quality of the bed you are providing for your dog, is your dog’s personal preference for sleeping.  If your dog likes to curl up and be snuggled, you might need to put their mattress in a box or cage or something similar like that, that they can curl up on.  If your dog likes to be covered up, find them a fluffy cover to go on their bed.  Or if he likes to stretch out, be sure you buy one large enough to allow for that.

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If you think about how many hours your dog sleeps during the day, you must remember that providing a comfortable bed for your dog is an investment in their health, and one that really is low-priced. So, don’t do like we did, but do your dog a favor, throw the old pillow out and purchase a DogPedic Beds For Dogs – the Mercedes of dog beds.

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