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Nordic Spitz (Norrbottenspets)

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Norrbottenspets was the name given to the spitz type breed that was developed in the early 1600s. This breed is also known as Nordic Spitz and Pohjanpystykorva in its country of origin. This breed was made the national dog of Sweden. Because of its endurance and other admirable qualities, this breed was claimed both by Sweden and Finland. A Norrbottenspets is really a small dog but it has a compact, well muscled body.

Close fitting soft and very thick fur covers the dog’s square shaped body. The dog is insulated from very hot or cold weather by the white fur with red and brown markings. The luxuriously furred tail that curls loosely over the back is a one of the breeds attention-getting characteristics.

This dog breed was originally developed to be an all around farm dog although it excels most as a hunting dog. The remarkable courage and excellent hunting abilities more than make up for the breeds small size. Improving the innate hunting ability of this dog would be an easy matter because it possesses a high level of intelligence and noted to have the canine eagerness to please attitude .

The Norrbottenspets is different from other hounds that are classified as scent or sight hunters given that this versatile breed uses both senses to capture the game. The dog does not resemble a fox but it has gained a foxy reputation because of its slyness when hunting. As soon as the dog is released in the hunting area, it will use it senses to flush and chase the game. The dog uses rapid barking to corner the game and to cover up the sound of the approaching hunter.

This rather small dog has a big personality. The dog has an affectionate nature that makes it an ideal dog for older couples needing companionship and security. The Norrbottenspets is a vivacious, energetic and playful dog that bonds closely with their human family. These characteristic traits allow the dog to participate in all the activities of the family.

The breed was in fact named as one the 10 top breeds acclaimed for their gentleness with children. Loving and kind, a Norrbottenspets will exhibit a stable temperament in any situation. Unlike other breeds, a Norrbottenspets will not be aggressive or react negatively if harassed or teased by children . A Norrbottenspets is a healthy breed thus the family would be assured of about 20 years of security and com-panionship.

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