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Most Unhealthy Dog Breeds

Dog Health

According to a survey carried out by a UK leading pet insurance firm, these are the 10 breeds of dogs who cost their owners the most money in vet fees.

But let us not forget, there are lies, damn lies and pet insurance surveys!

Great Danes: The 2nd Most ‘Unhealthy’ Dog Breed?

What this could actually show is, the owners of these breeds of dogs are more likely to have pet insurance. Or the owners of these dogs are more prone to taking their dogs to the vets. Or, it could be, that these 10 breeds are indeed more liable to incurring higher veterinary expenses for their owners. Take it however which way you please:

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DOG BREEDS Lifespan per breed (Years) Cost of vet bills in the last year Cost of vet bills in a lifespan
1 English Setter 11.2 �621 �6,955
2 Great Dane 8.5 �780 �6,630
3 Poodle 12 �544 �6,528
4 Rottweiler 9.8 �532 �5,214
5 Doberman Pinscher 9.8 �481 �4,714
6 Pointer 13.5 �335 �4,523
7 Greyhound 13.2 �314 �4,145
8 Chihuahua 13 �310 �4,030
9 Beagle 13.3 �302 �4,017
10 Saint Bernard 8 �492 �3,936

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