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Leash Training For Dogs – The Basics

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An essential part of training is leash training for dogs. This training method can also come in handy when you’re teaching other commands as well. It also is a major safety issue. If you apply the correct methods, you’ll quickly learn that leash training is both an enjoyable and easy process.

Leash Training for Dogs can be dissected into 4 basic steps:

Step 1: One of the main training leashes I recommend is a flat leash. You will want to start by attaching the leash to your puppy’s collar. You may want to do this while they are eating or when giving them a treat, since this will help them associate it with something enjoyable and pleasant. Start by doing this in your home in an area that they are familiar with. Then allow them to run around a bit with the leash dragging loosely behind them. Make sure you are supervising them throughout this whole process. After a few minutes you can proceed to remove the leash. Then over the next few days, try repeating this for longer periods of time.

Step 2: After your puppy feels safe being attached to their leash, you can begin to pick up the other end of the leash and follow behind them around the house for a couple of minutes. Praise them and give them treats while training using the leash. Continue carrying this out until your puppy feels safe with you holding the leash and walking along side them. Make sure that you don’t pull on the leash or you may risk frightening them.

Step 3: After that you can start by taking them outside to an gated area. Allow them to run around for a while with the leash dragging. Next, try picking up the leash with your right hand and walk along side them. Next, you can have a treat in your left hand while you draw them to your left side. Continue praising them when they make any progress. Continue practicing this and you’ll be able to build up to walking your dog down your street. 

Step 4: Be careful not to let your dog take the lead. Try and remember that your dog has a pack mentality and they require a leader. If you do not assume the leadership role, they will. Also, you’ll want your dog to walk at your side. What you can do to deter your dog when they start to walk in front of you is to turn and begin to walking in different direction. They will need to turn as well and catch up with you. Repeat this until your dog realizes that you are the leader and are in control. When they recognize you as the leader, it is more likely that they will respect your authority and obey you.

  These are a just a few basic steps that you could easily put into practice when you’re leash training for dogs.

  There are other issues that could arise. Therefore, you might be interested in discovering the very best and most effective dog training methods.  

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