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How to Stop Puppy Chewing Wires

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Protecting computer, appliance, home entertainment and other cables and wires around the home from your dog or cat and, in doing so, keeping your four-legged friend out of harm’s way, is critical.

Stop Your Puppy Chewing Cables and Wires

– There are numerous products on the market today for covering household
wires to keep your pet – and even small children – from chewing on
them. An extremely inexpensive and convenient product to protect your
wires is the split wire loom – flexible and durable plastic tubing
with a slit down the side allowing for easy insertion of a cable

– You can also cover any wires that are accessible to your small pet
with spiral cable wrap – plastic wrap that keeps wires tightly bundled
and also protects them from being chewed on by pets. Spiral cable wrap
is also available in many colors to match a room’s decor.

– For hiding excess cord length coming from your phone, computer mouse,
or even window blinds, try the Cable Turtle. This nifty gadget
protects wires from your cat or dog by letting you tuck the wires away
neatly in a shell. The product is available in different sizes and
various colors to match your decor.

– If you have no other choice but to run a wire across an open floor,
cord covers will allow you to easily hide and protect the cables from
your cat, dog and other passers by. These covers will not only keep
your pet from chewing on your wires, but will also keep your floors
safe and clear from tripping and tangling hazards.

– Keep cables off the floor and out of reach with adhesive-backed cord
clips, which attach wires to furniture or wall surfaces. These cord
clips are available in different sizes, and are ideal for phone cords,
lamp cords, and even some computer cords.

– Hide wires in your home office with a concealed surge protector, which
encloses plugs and excess cord length to keep them from becoming a
distraction to your pets. These safety-minded surge protectors not
only keep your computer and phone wires out of sight, but also provide
protection in case of a power surge or lightning strike.

Puppy Safety Tips

K9 Magazine’s Guide to Puppy Proofing Your Home

If you have an adorable little puppy running around the house, the last thing you want to see is an accident where the little guy gets cut, poisoned, or stepped on.  However, accidents do happen and you should be prepared.  Better yet, it is best if you practice safety prevention rather than waiting for something bad to happen to your puppy.

All it takes is just one little circumstance to go unnoticed which can cause a great deal of pain to your puppy. These little animals have an insatiable appetite when it comes to curiosity.  Everything they see and smell looks like a great adventure and from their point of view, it’s all open territory. They see no danger and instead move forward to check things out.  This is why you want to take the following safety prevention measures so that you can somewhat “puppy-proof” your house.

1. The first thing you should do is look around every room of your home and try to dispose of small items that your puppy may swallow.  Puppies tend to try to swallow anything that they can get a hold of.

Unfortunately, not all small items will safely pass through the dog’s intestines which can prove to be fatal.  Other times, your puppy’s system will try to gag and cough up the object which can go on for a long period of time.  If your dog does not get the object out then the intestine becomes blocked and can rupture.

2. The second important home safety precaution to take is to hide or elevate your electrical cords and wires.  Every home has wires and cords that must be in each room, but if left hanging there, dangling like a treat, your puppy is guaranteed to be tempted to play with it.

If he chews on these electrical items, your puppy is going to get hurt.  The damage caused by gnawing through to the inside wiring of these cords can cause a mild shock or worse, third-degree burns. And in many cases, the electrocution can be so severe that it may cause your puppy to die from the shock. It is best to elevate all of the wiring that you can and use heavy-duty tape to cover up the other cords that have to be on and around the floor area

3. Last but not least, keep your home free from dangerous poisons and toxins that your puppy can ingest.  Remember, our pets use their mouth’s for virtually all investigations and because they are extremely curious, toxic items can be easily ingested with one lick. Such household poisons can include anti-freeze, rat poison, garbage, lead, and even chocolate.

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Puppy chewing wires

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