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How to Stop a Dog From Escaping

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The Escaping Pooch & A Dog With A Tissue Fetish

Question: My Run-Away Dalmatian

“I have a two-year-old female Dalmatian. She has never given me any real problems – except one – If the front door is open and I’m not watching, she’s gone like a flash! When she’s in the backyard, she comes to me when I call. When she splits through that front door though, the words ‘come here’ seem alien to her. Any suggestions? I’m afraid she’ll get run over by a car and I don’t want to tie her up.”paco sun king
Creative Commons License photo credit: gaab22

Answer: Obedience Classes

In your question you used the words “come here” which indicates that you have not put your dog through an obedience class. That would be my first recommendation, since your dog will be taught what the requirements of the command “stay” mean. Without that word being a part of your dog’s vocabulary, you’re operating with a tremendous handicap. The word stay can be considered as the stalk upon which all the blossoms of true obedience will grow.

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