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Help to Switch Your Pet’s Food Using Complimentary Sampling Programs

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We all love our pets and want to feed them the healthiest food we can afford to supply them with. Unfortunately, many of those healthier and pricier pet foods aren’t the most palatable for our beloved friends and we find ourselves wasting money bouncing from one expensive pet food to another with no light at the end of the tunnel . I know this from personal experience. There are plenty of finicky eaters in our household and they are all of the four-legged variety. I swear, their favorite foods resembled Cheetos and all of my pets had weight issues, which I attributed to poor diets.

After many failed experiments of switching to a better , healthier pet food like duck and rabbit dog bites, a friend advised me that there are many websites and blogs where you can get pet food samples and other free stuff online for pets. I had no idea that so many companies offer these complimentary pet food samples, but after learning about it, I can see how it makes perfect sense. It’s very difficult to switch your pet to a new food and quite costly if your pet doesn’t take a liking to it and you wind up throwing out a perfectly good bag of food because your pet abhores it. I’ve been through that enough times. Pet food companies realize your dilemma and offer the freebies samples in the hopes that your pet will like the new food and you can then purchase that same new food without all of the usual fear and trepidation of another wasted bag of expensive food because you already know whether or not your pet approves . The pet food companies often include a great coupon with the sample. All of their coupons generally range from one to several dollars off your next purchase. I’ve even had a few companies put me on their mailing lists and I regularly receive coupons in the mail without having to request them. I have to admit, several companies sent me free products coupon for full size bags. It’s wonderful to get a full size bag for free!

After many samples and rejections, my pets have settled on some newer, healthier options. Thanks to the sample programs, I didn’t have to spend a fortune to find them healthier food that they also found palatable . If you are considering switching your pet’s food, I highly recommend giving the complimentary pet food samples a shot.

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