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Dog Spaying & Neutering: A Guide

Dog Health

Spaying and neutering is a constant hot topic in the canine world. Welfare charities insist that it is the holy grail of population control, whilst breeders would not exist if they believed the same.

Questions such as, what happens when my dog is spayed? Or, what will my dog be like when he’s been neutered/castrated? All are regulars to the K9 Magazine inbox. So, in this guide we’ll tell you all you need to know about dog spaying and neutering from a surgical and after care perspective.

The reasons for having a procedure such as spaying or neutering performed on your dog certainly come in all shapes and sizes, but quite often it is treated as a formality, on a par with vaccines and health checks. Many dog owners quite happily get their dog ‘fixed’ as a matter of course, whilst other dog owners harbour fears about the procedure itself.

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