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Designer Dog Beds For The Pampered Pooch

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What wouldn’t you give for your best buddy ?  If your pooch happens to be your best friend, then you would stop at absolutely nothing to please and surprise it.  One of your first possible choices could be dog and owner gift baskets.  Another very pleasurable surprise you can bestow on your pet is a designer dog bed .

Designer dog beds are excellent gift ideas for the spoiled pup .  They have everything that will satisfy your pet’s needs.  After all, here’s what every dog bed is created to provide:

  • Comfort.  The most comfortable beds are ultra-soft, plush, and tufted.  Padded for comfort, they consist of a poly-fiber cushion made of durable foam and polyester material.  This can withstand a lot of weight, pressure, and chewing.  In line with size and comfort, they come in standard sizes with different measurements and dimensions to suit any dog’s height and weight.  They’ll fit dog crates and carriers, baskets and vehicles, like cars and bikes.
  • Hygiene.  Each bed should be made from lightweight material which is simple to clean.  Add to that the feature of being hand- and machine-washable .  When the material is both washable and reversible , you end up with clean-smelling fabric.
  • Safety. A bed with a non-skid bottom is essential if your playful pet is excitable and loves to jump on his bed .  This is a nice safety feature that will prevent slips and falls that can cause damage to your house or injury to dog .
  • Style.  There are a variety of beds are designed for your dog’s age .  You can choose from cute, little paw prints to cartoon characters to solid plains and prints, depending on your taste .  Some beds are even designed with synthetic fur or sheep skin for more texture.
  • Rest and sleep.  Padded and cushioned, these beds are shaped to fit the curve of your dog’s body.  Enabling your pet to sleep restfully is part of training it to relax while you’re away or out of the house for a few hours .

Since we’re into being best buddies with your pet dogs , there are other dog accessories which a pampered pooch can make friends with.  Aside from dog beds, they’ll get a tickle out of dog dresses and dog collars.

As to dressing up your dog, you can try cheap or go designer.  Of course, designer would be the cuter but more expensive option. When choosing a dog’s apparel , remember first-off that your dog should approve of it .  This means that your dog should feel comfortable wearing it.  To be respectiful to your pet, get him something that looks good, silly or funny to a point, but never stupid .

When it comes to a dogs collar , you can choose between the standard, durable leather dog collars and the fancier, bejeweled rhinestone dog collars.  Again, the rhinestone collars would be more pampering if you have a large enough budget.

Since the whole idea is to pamper your pooch, then get the best your budget can afford .  Spend and spoil to your heart’s content if it so pleases your best buddy in the end.

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