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A tip passed on to me by a fellow dog owner in 1993 changed my life I would like to pass this, and other, dog tips on to you, starting right now!

Hello there fellow dog lover,On a rare sunny, summer afternoon in July, two dog walkers headed toward each other from opposite ends of their local park.One of the walkers was in trouble….

As she felt the grip on her dog’s lead all but give way, her excited pet surged forward, trying to meet up with another dog at the other end of the park.


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The owner of the second dog seemed undisturbed by the commotion taking place ahead of him. The sight of a fellow dog walker being literally dragged toward him by her overly eager canine companion didn’t appear to concern him or the equally calm, well mannered dog by his side. Instead he smiled, asked his dog to sit and waited until the increasingly stressed lady made her way close enough that the two could greet each other.

What happened next was quite amazing and explained everything about the way the two dogs had behaved.

As they met, dog walker number one passed on her thanks to the kind gentleman for standing calmly aside with his dog, acknowledging the difficulties she was clearly having with her own pet. Incredibly, it would turn out, the two dogs were brother and sister, born on the same day, of the same year, of the same parents. Although related, there was no similarity in the way each dog had been raised. What Was Different?

Have you ever wondered, as I have, why some dogs seem to be happier, better behaved, calmer, more content, more observant, more closely bonded and generally more in tune with the wishes of their owners?

It’s not a difference in intelligence between dogs. It’s not even that one dog may be better trained than another. It’s all down to the knowledge acquired by the dog’s owner and – more to the point – the application of that knowledge. I remember a particularly difficult morning back in 1993. I was struggling like mad with a dog who just would NOT do what I wanted her to. I tried everything I knew to get the response I was looking for, but no success. Then something quite life changing happened. A man, whom I had never met and never spoken to in my entire life, was passing by with his own dog. He wasn’t a dog trainer, not even a dog expert, just an ordinary, simple dog owner – he passed a tip on to me that no more than 4 minutes out of his day. I thought to myself; well, I have nothing to lose here, and I tried his tip….. …not only did it work like a charm, I have passed that tip on to pretty much every single dog owner I’ve ever met since. Small, seemingly insignificant snippets of advice, whether they come from an expert or a passer-by, can change lives. They change the lives of owners, improve the lives of dogs. Life changing advice for dogs and owners is something that I care passionately about and I very much want to share with you.

If I can pass on some advice by way of simple, easy to follow, 5-minute tips, I can:
  • Save you money
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Improve your relationship with your dog
  • Enable you to improve your dog’s health
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  • Expert advice from some of the world’s top pet professionals
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  • & much, much more!

A dog’s capacity to learn should never be underestimated, but the willingness of the dog’s owner to learn, to absorb and most importantly to seek out advice that will enable them to massively improve their dog ownership skills and experience will determine just how rewarding their relationship with their canine companions turns out to be. So, it is with this in mind that I would like to pass on the tips that can help you enhance your life as a dog owner!

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