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Clicker Training

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How To Clicker Train Your Dog

Clicker Training is a relatively new way of training a dog using a small finger-length box which makes a sharp and distinctive click. Clicker training is the art and science of using a conditioned reinforcer to train your dog using no corrections or punishments.

The pet-friendly way to train…
Many dog owners worry about the things their gundog does wrong. Clicker training lets you concentrate on what the gundog is doing right. You’ll learn to build good behaviour instead of trying to fix mistakes. Click when the puppy or young gundog “goes” in the right place. Click for sitting instead of jumping up. Click for waiting at the door. Click for a loose lead while walking the gundog at heel. Clicker training is also a great help in laying the foundation for gundog training.

The click is a marker signal
Clicker training is a science-based system for teaching behaviour with positive reinforcement. You use a marker signal (the sound of a toy clicker) to tell the gundog that what he/she is doing is right. The system was first widely used by dolphin trainers, who needed a way to teach behaviour without using physical force.

No corrections or punishment
In traditional training, you tell a gundog what to do, make that behaviour happen (using force if necessary), reward good results with food, and punish mistakes. In clicker training you watch for the behaviour you like, mark the instant it happens with a click, and pay off with a treat like chicken or something similar. The treat may be food, a pat, praise, or anything else the gundog enjoys. If the gundog makes a mistake all you do is wait and let them try again.

Replacing the clicker with praise
Clicker trainers focus on building behaviour, not stopping behaviour. Instead of shouting at the gundog for jumping up, you click it for sitting. Then, click by click, you “shape” longer sits, or more walking, until you have the final results you want. Once the behaviour is learned, you keep it going with praise and approval and save the clicker and treats for the next new thing you want to train.

Fun and exciting for pets and people
GunDogs quickly learn that the marker signal means, “Something good is coming.” Then they realise they can make you click by repeating their behaviour. They become enthusiastic partners in their own training. Clicker training is exciting for animals, and it’s easy to do.

In 6 short weeks your dog can learn to be the happy, obedient dog you’ve always wanted!

Call David for a free demonstration and see what just 6 week’s of gundog  training can do for you… Your dog will learn to be a more enjoyable, more obedient companion dog for your whole family.

In 6 short weeks your dog can learn to be the happy, obedient dog you’ve always wanted!

In just 6 weeks with our accelerated one – to – one training program, your gundog will learn to

Walk on a loose lead
Sit and lie down
Retrieve on a “seen”
Retrieve a “blind”
Be familiar with shot sound
Begin the basics of stopping at distance on a whistle
Stay when told, and come when called, even around distractions.
Learn basic manners and obedience

We will be working with you for 6 weeks and at the end of this period we will simulate a working test to see how well your gundog has developed. At this stage you will be hooked and want to go onto further things.

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