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Choosing a Dog Bed

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Dogs, funny little creatures that they are, appreciate having a bed that's theirs and theirs alone. Even when they're reluctant to use it at first, the gradual accretion of personal smells will make it part of their territory, and they'll want to go there when it's time to sleep. Dog beds are made to withstand a lot of abuse, and most have washable covers as well. Getting a waterproof dog bed doesn't mean it can't be very aesthetically attractive.

Put the bed where your dog will use it: No one enjoys spending good money on a fine dog bed, only to watch their dog give it an indifferent sniff before curling up on a corner of the couch.

Since dogs are intensely attuned to territory, you'll need to be accommodating in finding the best place to put the bed. If there's one spot where your dog always settles down to sleep, you'll want to put the bed as close to that spot as possible.

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