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Can Dogs Get Crohn’s Disease?

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Humans and dogs share many illnesses and ailments. On the question of whether dogs can get Chrons disease – which is condition that affects the bowel – the conclusion is yes.

Symptoms of Chrons Disease in Dogs

The symptoms to look out for include regular loose stool, watery diarrhea and a common urgency from the dog in needing to defecate.

Chrons Disease in Dogs Affects The Intestines

This stems from inflammation of the bowel and causes food to travel through the digestive tract much faster than in a healthy canine bowel. A condition of the disease is the bowel inflammation stopping water being absorbed properly in the dog’s digestion process.

Treatment of Chrons Disease in Dogs

The standard course of treatment should your dog be properly diagnosed as suffering with Chrons is ant-inflammatory medication / steroids.

Unfortunately, as in humans, Chrons disease in dogs is not curable but can be managed with proper medication and a professional treatment plan. This can also include changes in diet so it’s important to get advice on the best nutrition for a dog with Chrons.

If you suspect your dog may be suffering with a condition affecting their bowels you should speak to your vet and alert them to the symptoms. It’s always a good idea to keep a diary of events should you notice any changes to your dog’s behavior and / or condition.

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Chrons disease in dogs is rare.

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