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3 Unusual Ways to Correct Aggression in Dogs

Dog Training & Behaviour

Dog aggression, be it dog on dog aggression and especially dog aggression toward humans should ALWAYS be referred to a canine behaviour professional. Without exception. Here we present three less discussed techniques that may be worth discussing with your dog trainer as part of a tailored canine aggression correction programme.

1. Have your dog’s teeth checked out.

Ever heard the phrase ‘don’t mess with a tiger with toothache’? No? Perhaps I just made it up right now. Anyway, the point is, as anyone who’s ever had toothache will know, having dental problems can make even the mildest mannered person turn in to a raging, short tempered ticking time bomb. Have your dog’s teeth carefully examined by your vet.

2. Neutering.

Let’s make one thing clear. Neutering does NOT cure dog aggression. Behavioural therapy does.

OK, worth repeating. Having your dog ‘fixed’ as a means to cure dog aggression is the equivalent of making a burglar have a haircut as a means to stop them breaking in to homes. Dog aggression is something to be tackled from a behavioural stand point.

3. Understanding Dog Aggression.

Possessive aggression is centred around a dog’s food, toys, treats, or any article that the dog may have stolen from you and this aggression should not be handled primarily with compulsion (negative reinforcement). It should be handled with positive conditioning.

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Then you have territorial aggression, fear aggression and there’s more besides. Learning to understand and recognise the motive for your dog’s aggression and to work with your dog trainer on providing the most appropriate remedial training is key.

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