Ryan O’Meara, Dog Trainer and Magazine Editor

Ryan O’Meara is the managing director and founder of K9 Media Ltd, Europe’s most prominent pet publishing company.

ryan-omeara-3.jpgRyan began his career with animals at the age of 16 working as a dog training apprentice in Derbyshire under the tutelage of one of the UK’s most well-known kennel owners.

In 1994 he was given the opportunity to become a professional dog trainer under the employment of one of the world’s most successful and decorated canine experts. It was during this period that Ryan was given the chance to work with over a thousand dogs over the course of 5 eventful years where numerous accolades were achieved including becoming one of the youngest handlers of all-time to qualify for and compete in the British Spaniel Championships.

In 1999 Ryan established the company he now runs which is responsible for the UK’s first dog lifestyle publication, K9 Magazine as well as a network of more than 35 pet related media brands which have established a global audience of more than 6.3m pet lovers. Along with his role as K9 Media’s managing director, Ryan is also the editor-in-chief of K9 Magazine.

In 2006 Ryan became a behavioural assessor on the BBC THREE show ‘Dog Borstal’ as well as being commissioned to author his first book ‘Dogology’, published by Quarto Publishing.

When not writing about, commenting on or working with dogs Ryan enjoys spending time at home with his own two dogs, Mia and Chloe as well as following his two other passions, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC and old-fashioned rock music.

Professional Achievements 1996 – 2006

1996 – Qualified and competed in the British Spaniel Championships, becoming one of the youngest dog trainers ever to do so at the age of 20

1996 – Set up and ran ‘out of ours’ dog training and canine socialisation school for people with problematic pet dogs

1997 – Bred a litter of Labrador Retrievers out of which two dogs went onto become champions, one of which an International champion

1997 – Trained dogs supplied to both British and Saudi Royal Families

1998 – Reached tally of successfully training 1000th client’s dog

1998 – Left professional dog training to set up pet publishing company, successfully launched 12 pet related websites, achieving audience reach of 1.4m by the end of the year

2000 – Set up ‘The UK’s Coolest Canine Competition’ which is now established as a popular annual event open to all dog owners

2001 – Launched K9 Magazine, Britain’s first ever lifestyle magazine for modern dog lovers. K9 Magazine is now established as the fastest growing pet publication in the UK and a South African edition of the magazine will be launching in 2007. K9 Magazine has enjoyed a number of world-exclusive scoops with celebrity dog owners including Mariah Carey amongst others

2002 – K9 Media awarded M.A.S.P Business of The Year

2003 – K9 Media portfolio of pet publications achieve audience reach of 6m

2006 – Began work on additional media projects including BBC THREE’s ‘Dog Borstal’ as well as Channel 4’s ‘It’s Me or The Dog’ as well as signing a publishing deal to author a book entitled ‘Dogology’ published by Quarto

2006 – Launched the K9 Magazine ‘Dogosaurus’, a fun guide helping owners ‘understand the lingo of the dog’

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